June 16, 2016 Cara Wildermuth

Names are powerful. They are identifiers. They are a first impression for the world. Parents are thoughtful when choosing names for children because they know a name is something that will be with their child forever. 

Finding the right name for a boutique is a lot like finding the right name for a child. It has to be something special, something unique. It has to be something memorable but not too off the wall. It has to be just right. 

When it came time to choose a name for the store, I knew I wanted something special that paid tribute to the incredible people in my life who made this venture possible for me. My paternal grandparents gave me the means to be able to start this store, so I knew I wanted the name to honor them. If my paternal grandparents were a part of the equation, I knew I wanted my maternal grandparents to be a part of it as well. I had a wonderful relationship with all of my grandparents. They helped make me the woman that I am today, and they always believed I could do anything I set my mind to. Who better to use as my inspiration?

Once I knew that I wanted to pay tribute to my grandparents I started brainstorming. I used first names, middle names, and initials but nothing felt right. Then I started to think about where they lived. My paternal grandparents lived in Willowick, Ohio which is where Willow comes from. My maternal grandparents lived on Isolde street. When you put the two together you have Willow + Isolde. 

From the moment I first wrote the name down it felt right. I knew that I had found the name I'd been looking for. In finding this name it felt like I had a bit of my Papa's determination, some of my Nana's sweetness, a little of my Popo's financial prowess, and a whole lot of my Grandma's impeccable fashion sense on my side. Hopefully with their help, Willow + Isolde will become a huge success!

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  • Carole Caesar

    Jul 21, 2016

    I am sorry I missed getting to know the Wildermuth side of your family. Jim and Nita were positive influences in my life. When grandkids came running into the sanctuary yelling “POPO”, Jim would bend waaaaay over and scoop them way up into the sky. Everyone smiled.

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