July 19, 2017 Cara Applewhite

Willow + Isolde officially relaunched in June of 2017, and I am thrilled! When I was forced to close the store in October after only a few months in business I was devastated. I wasn't sure if reopening was going to be possible, but I am so happy that I was able to make it happen.

Now some of you might be wondering where we went for those few months we were offline, and why did we close? Well, I'm here to answer those questions for you!

I opened Willow + Isolde in June of 2016. It was a dream come true for me. A passion project brought to fruition. Those first few months in business were amazing! Things were really starting to take off, but around the same time I started to lose steam from a physical stand point. Everyday tasks that would normally take no energy started to become extremely difficult for me. I was exhausted and in quite a bit of pain. After being misdiagnosed several times, I ended up in the ER and eventually being admitted to the hospital. I was diagnosed with Crohn's disease and underwent emergency abdominal surgery eight days before my would be wedding day. To say the situation was not ideal would be a major understatement. 

Obviously, the wedding was postponed, and I also made the difficult decision to close up shop at Willow + Isolde. I knew that after my surgery I would have a long road to recovery. Willow + Isolde was and is my baby, and I didn't want to do it unless I could do it right. I knew I couldn't do it right in the physical state that I found myself in. It was a heartbreaking decision for me, but I knew that it was for the best.

Now here we are nine months later. I'm happy to report that my husband and I were able to reschedule our wedding and everything was perfect! I am also incredible happy that I was able to relaunch Willow + Isolde! I hope that you are as excited as I am, and I hope that you will continue to shop with us for many years to come.





  • Alexen Beavers😃 (its Me From Your Class Of 2018!)

    Jun 08, 2018

    Willow + Isolde is amazing! You even made a top named after me! Woo hoo!! Now you have two babies, Finley and Willow + Isolde! You are so inspirational and caring. XOXO~Alexen Beavers~💖

  • Sue

    Jul 19, 2017


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